Its December already and everyone is hoping Santa brings drought breaking rains

So here we are in the first week of December and many among us have already decked the halls with boughs of holly – so to speak. Well at least put up the Christmas tree and appropriate associated decorations.

Thoughts have turned to Christmas gifts and attending those Yuletide gatherings. Oh the fabulous work party.

This year more than ever for many of those living and working on the land the greatest gift of all would be the arrival of drought breaking rains.

The Singleton district has been luckily than our neighbouring regions as we received rain in March and again in October and some decent falls last week.

However you don’t have to travel much further inland and its still a parched landscape.

In the Upper Hunter around Merriwa and Cassilis rainfall has been as scarce as finding unity in the Federal Liberal Party.

So while we can forget about federal politics, as the members all go on holidays at the end of the week, the drought and its impacts are a different matter.

Members of the Singleton community along with local businesses have been wonderful in supporting efforts to raise funds and goods to assist farmers currently doing it tough.

Only last month a Ball held in town raised $15,000 to go towards drought relief efforts. Congratulations to everyone involved your generosity will be much appreciated.

Given the length and severity of this particular drought mental health has become a serious worry for those working day and night to keep livestock alive.

Now with the arrival of summer the new battle is ensuring stock water supplies are readily available.

No easy task given the fact cattle being handfed or lactating need up to 100 litres a day. Getting fodder is one thing buying stock water is an altogether different task.

Looking at shrinking dam/bore water levels is a terribly depressing exercise. 

So apart from Santa bringing dark raining bearing clouds in his sleigh what can be done. 

Farmers are advised to seek assistance both on farm management and mental health.

Please don’t struggle on alone do what doesn’t come naturally to self reliant individuals – call out for help. People are there willing and waiting to give you a helping hand.