Our neighbouring LGA's continue to receive funding but not poor, neglected Singleton.

You would think its was joke except it is a serious matter, the continuing failure of the state government to explain clearly why Singleton Local Government Area (LGA), has not received any funding from the Resources for Regions program is the last two rounds.

Our neighbouring LGA's continue to receive funding but not poor, neglected Singleton.

Put simplistically are we incapable of filling in the application forms correctly or does the State Government really dislike our LGA .

Because when we missed out last year we were told it was our application that was at fault and that the bureaucrats would be providing assistance to prevent a repetition of this problem.

So if the application was correct this time around then why not the funding.

As the photograph attached clearly shows our political representatives love to don the high-vis and hard hats and walk onto a mine site.

They constantly tell us how important coal mining is to the community in fact Deputy Premier John Barilaro said during the recent state election campaign that coal was good for humanity.

But obviously not good enough that Singleton LGA receives funding from a program designed specifically for mining-affected communities.

As we wrote last year following a similar snub no community in the state is more affected by mining - our 17 mines make up almost a third of the State's coal exports and almost a third of the State's mining royalty contributions.

We are the community that can't have proper passenger train services because the rail system must prioritises coal haulage over people.

We are the community inflicted by poor and deteriorating air quality.

We are the community that lost and is losing many of its villages, an historic road, endangered ecological communities and heritage homes.

We are the community that felt the true impact of the recent mining downturn.

So once again we ask the powers that be in Macquarie Street why cannot Singleton LGA receive its fair share of the Resources for Regions funding. A quick visit from the Deputy Premier and some trite words is not a good enough explanation.