New service to help with financial abuse trend

Author, and seniors advocate, Anne McGowan, has been on the forefront of tackling the disturbing trend of Finanical Elder Abuse.

It has only taken her two years to put together a collection of valuable resources designed to help fight the growing problem.

More than 1 in 20 older people are financially abused but industry experts indicate the rates are much higher. 

And, now the CEO of Protecting Seniors Wealth has gone one step further.

To assist banks and financial planners deal with the increasing and unwanted financial abuse trend of senior elders, Protecting Seniors Wealth has announced their consulting service.

The service specialises in senior wealth abuse prevention, offering expertise that identifies a huge problem for the financial services industry. 

Extensive investigations into financial abuse situations, predator profiles and complications, provides an informative service for companies’ management who work on the front lines, to enhance their services for protecting their valued senior elder clients and customers.

“The financial predators who swindle senior elder people out of their hard earned money and investments are devious, manipulative and think nothing of telling lies and deceiving an older person in order to gain access to the finances and assets of their victims, and there’s a need for setting boundaries, Ms McGowan says.

In addition, Protecting Seniors Wealth recently announced its other education services – Speaker Presentations, Workshops and Trainings and Guide publications, all designed to assist companies who help clients and customers with their finances, by enhancing their expertise to deal with financial abuse situations efficiently and as effectively as possible.

For further information, please contact Anne McGowan on 0407 250843 or email or visit our website