Singleton Gymkhana president Robbie George reflects on sixth national ABCRA title | PHOTOS

PRESIDENT: Gymkhana leader Robbie George tried to keep his sixth ABCRA title under the radar.
PRESIDENT: Gymkhana leader Robbie George tried to keep his sixth ABCRA title under the radar.

Robbie George has a simple game plan each time he claims an ABCRA Pick-up team crown.

And it comes under the theme of modesty.

While he enjoys competing alongside teammate Ross Turnbull the veteran can’t help but keep his success under the radar such is his quiet nature. Nevertheless the duo has now won an astonishing six national titles.

Therefore it was up to the Singleton Argus to track our national champion down on Sunday morning at the Singleton Gymkhana Club’s monthly competition.

“All of the victories since 2013 were just as memorable I guess,” he explained. “It’s a good horse sport to get into and you’re helping a lot of riders and animal welfare in the process.”

“I’d like to mention my sponsor Bailey property and livestock. They’ve been the sponsor for the last 19 years and I haven’t actually told them I’ve won in fact I haven’t really told anyone.”

“If they find out here then that will be good I guess (because it saves me from having to tell them).”

George’s six triumphs on the national stage have each reflected his ability to master the sport’s craft while positioning and timing turns with Turnbull.

However his passion continues with the Gymkhana community where he is now the president (having taken over from Denise Geelan).

“It’s been enjoyable being involved with Gymkhana; I’ve actually enjoyed helping the kids out here just as much,” he added.

Riders of all ages enjoyed sunny conditions for the February competition on Sunday including six-year-old Bailey George (grandson of Robbie).

NEXT GENREATION: Young Bailey Geroge (aged six).

NEXT GENREATION: Young Bailey Geroge (aged six).

The next competition will take place at the Singleton Showground on Sunday March 17 (continuing April 14, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20 and November 3).

George will also be appearing at the Singleton Rodeo on Saturday, April 27.