Upper Hunter by-election candidates: Dale McNamara | Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Name: Dale McNamara

Political party: Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Age: 63

Residence: Lower Belford NSW

What background experience do you bring to the political table?

I have managed businesses for over 30 years. This experience has given me the skills and public record to show that I am able to bring together different interest groups and stakeholders, and achieve positive results for them. I live on the land and also work in the mining sector. My own life is a reflection of all that the Upper Hunter offers.

In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues facing this electorate?

The lack of return in coal mining royalties to the electorate (we miss out on $1 billion every year), as well as the promise from the Matt Keen Lib/Nats plus Labor/Greens to do away with fossil fuels by 2050. This policy will destroy the livelihoods of thousands of families in the Upper Hunter.

What is your plan for TAFE and future education opportunities?

One Nation supports all local training colleges. TAFE has a unique place to play in the training of the next generation of the Upper Hunter workforce as we want to see it thrive.

We also support more regular rail services to allow people to travel for study and work experience.

What are your plans to bring more jobs to the Upper Hunter?

Firstly we need to keep the ones we've got. The Matt Keen Lib/Nats and Labor/Greens have voted to end coal mining. This will end many jobs and careers.

Secondly, One Nation will fight for a greater return of the coal mining royalties which will be used to generate thousands of jobs via new infrastructure projects, services and facilities.

This in turn will being more people to settle and holiday in the electorate - providing many many more opportunities for work.

How would you address the rural and regional health crisis and staffing issues facing our health services?

Greater funding via coal mining royalties. Sydney's first class hospitals and clinics have been built on our hard work. One Nation has already pledged $100 million towards the completion of Muswellbrook Hospital. We believe that state of the art medical facilities will be a draw card for new and keen medical talent.

How do you plan to address the Upper Hunter's poor track record on air quality?

The air quality data is often cherry-picked to support arguments against the mining industry. The best indicator is asthma incidence, and among the 15 NSW Health districts, Hunter- New England sits in the bottom half for asthma rates.

Why should Upper Hunter vote for you?

Friends, if we vote the way we've previously voted we'll get the same outcomes that we've had for the past 90 years. The major parties have let us down.

I have a long history of listening to the people on the ground and joining them in the fight for better outcomes. I also get results by getting things done.

One Nation is the only party that is on the public record supporting every industry of the Upper Hunter - from coal to agriculture.

On May 22nd please Vote 1 for One Nation.


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