Bulga residents complain about mine blast plume

Bulga residents say a mine blast plume passed over the village on Friday morning causing dust and a nasty sulphur ordour.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority have confirmed they received two complaints regarding the blast and its impacts and will be investigating those reports.

Yancoal’s spokesperson said they can confirm that there were two blasts at their Mount Thorley Warkworth mine, one at about 10:40am and the other at about 11: 45am. 

The first was a small production shot and with the wind blowing in a SE direction, it blew over the mine. 

The second shot was a larger one in our West Pit that would have been visible externally, however, also dissipated over Mount Thorley Operations. 

Given the wind conditions, blast monitoring and timings suggested, the company doesn’t  believe the concerns raised relate to MTW-specific blasts.

Peabody’s Wambo Coal was also contacted regarding blasting and their spokesperson said a blast took place at the mine but earlier in the morning and did not leave the site.

According to the Upper Hunter Air Quality Network air quality in the Warkworth, Bulga, Jerrys Plains and Camberwell district had a 24 hours rolling average above 33 which meant the air was fair quality.

A mine blast plume that passed over Jerrys Plains on January 17.Photo supplied.

A mine blast plume that passed over Jerrys Plains on January 17.Photo supplied.

On Friday morning at Warkworth the PM10 reading spiked at 106.7 – which is rated in the hazardous range.


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