Singleton library unveils new exhibition to coincide with Heritage Week

John Martin and Melissa Cowley
John Martin and Melissa Cowley

SOME were described as “dandy”, others deemed “vicious”.

But, each and every one of them terrorised the Hunter Valley in the 1800s.

Singleton Public Library unveiled a new exhibition on Thursday night featuring the famous, and lesser-known bushrangers, who made their mark in the region.

A small gathering attended the official launch, which also coincides with Heritage Month.

Singleton Council’s manager corporate and community Mark Wiblen said bushranging was a quintessential Australian story, as well as an essential talking point in our history.

“We are excited for people to see original crime records up close alongside photographs and actual items from the period, including Jimmy Governor’s original arrest warrant, horse breaker turned bushranger Captain Thunderbolt, and stories of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman, who was also known under five different aliases and was leader of her own gang,” he explained.

“Residents will be fascinated to realise that Singleton and our surrounds were home to some notorious bushrangers.

“And, by hearing their stories it really makes you question whether these men and women were 19th century ‘Robin Hoods’ or just common crooks.

“The library is an incredible resource for everyone to embrace and experience these yarns, as they are brought to life and celebrated.”

Natalie Dimmock and Kylie Tatt

Natalie Dimmock and Kylie Tatt

Heritage Month also includes an Ancestry Q & A with Jason Reeve on Friday, April 13 (1pm-2.30pm); Bushranger Storytime and Wattleseed Damper on Wednesday, April 18 (10am-11am); Bushranger Tracks with Gregory Powell on Thursday, May 3 (5.30pm-7pm); and Girt by History with author David Hunt on Thursday, May 10 (5.30pm-7pm) – all at Singleton Public Library.

Bookings can be made via the Singleton Council website.