Singleton Clay Target Club hosts monthly meeting at Warkworth complex

A COLD winter’s morning followed by a sunny day greeted the 27 shooters to the Singleton Clay Target Club’s Warkworth complex this month.

The occasion was the 10 Pr Double Rise, 25 Pr Double Rise Championship and 40Pr Deauville Doubles Championship, which are popular and fun disciplines, especially the team event which enables shooters of different abilities to compete together.

Shooting began at 9.30am and the results were:

10Pr Double Rise Cash Divide

AA grade: 1st Paul Turner 17/20, equal 2nd Denis Pearce and Jack Barker 14/20

A grade: 1st Lionel Finlay 16/20, equal 2nd Duncan McPhie and Peter Poile 15/20

B grade: Equal 1st Will Grills and Richard Marshall 14/20

C grade: 1st Brent Suprain 17/20, 2nd David Tyson 11/20

25Pr Double Rise Championship

AA grade: 1st Paul Turner 46/50, 2nd Denis Pearce 39/50

A grade: 1st Lionel Finlay 42/50, 2nd Duncan McPhie 36/50

B grade: 1st Dan Thistleton 33/50, 2nd Will Grills 37/60

C grade: 1st Brent Suprain 39/50, 2nd David Tyson 36/50

40Pr Deauville Doubles Championship

AA grade: Paul Turner and Jack Turner 38/40

A grade: Dan Thistleton and Peter Fiorenza 36/40

B grade: Kelly Gunning and Richard Marshall 33/40

C grade: David Tyson and Guiliano Mazzatini 30/40

At the presentations, the winners were presented with a beautiful sash and first and second in each grade received cash prizes.

All commented on the great day’s shooting and the terrific service from Kate in the kitchen, Denis ran the office and Jack and his helpers were also busy with the traps. 

Many thanks to all.

The next shoot will be the ACTA Sporting competition on Sunday, August 13.

If you are interested in finding out more about clay target shooting, the local organisation would welcome new shooters.

Practice is on every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm.

For further information, phone Denis Pearce on 0417 271 879 or email via the website or on Facebook.