Singleton Council takes action to raise standard for animals at its Animal Management Facility

Singleton Council has acted on advice from the RSPCA to install cloth blinds to provide weather protection for animals at the Singleton Animal Management Facility.

Repairs have also been undertaken to the internal wall of the facility following a break-in earlier this year.

The RSPCA inspected the site on two occasions, the latest on July 18 following concerns raised about the standard of conditions recently.

General Manager Jason Linnane said Council was also looking into two further requests to install a barrier between kennels, as well as a small wall inside each kennel for further weather protection.

“Council appreciates the recommendations of the RSPCA and has acted on those recommendations to put measures in place to ensure the welfare of the animals at the facility is maintained,” he said.

“Careful consideration has been given to the material used in the blinds to provide additional weather protection, but still allow the dogs to see out for external stimulus as well as let light in.

“Council is committed to the welfare of all animals while at the facility and in the rehoming process, and we have a very dedicated team of rangers tending to the animals seven days a week to ensure they have adequate bedding, food and care. “

As well as continuing to work with the RSPCA, Council staff are also visiting other local government areas to benchmark the standards of animal management facilities with a view to informing options for the current facility, or a potential new building.”

A total of 169 dogs and 35 cats passed through the facility in the 2016/17 financial year.

Mr Linnane said Council was finalising the design for a new Animal Management Facility to be presented to the ordinary meeting in September 2017, along with a finance and cost analysis for construction in accordance with Council’s resolution from April 24.

He said the Animal Management Facility operated to protect the community from stray animals, as well as ensure the safety and welfare of lost dogs and cats.

“Council’s ultimate aim is to reunite animals with their owners,” Mr Linnane said.

“We detain animals for the shortest period of time possible and work quickly to try to find the owners of animals in our care using a range of channels, including microchipping records and posts on Council’s Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.