Hunter Farm Collective set to spark change in 2018

Based in the Hunter region, Hunter Farm Collective producers Belynda Davies and Kath McDonald are on a mission to spark change within the agricultural industry and beyond.

The dynamic duo established the small-scale farm 18 months ago, with the aim of keeping farming a fundamental part of the local community.

The Branxton based operation prides itself on sustainable, chemical-free produce including free range eggs, honey, vegetables and quality beef, as well as championing the Radius 20 movement.

Radius 20 is embedded in the idea that the people should know their producers, aiming to reduce the distance that food travels from the farm to its destination. 

Essentially Belynda and Kath believe in production in the masses, not mass production.

“Our motto is know thy farmer, love thy food,” Senior Horticultural Manager Belynda says.

“We found that there were plenty of places to buy produce, but none that were really selling locally grown food.”

And so the Hunter Farm Collective was born.

“Being a part of the Radius 20 movement means fresher food and stronger community ties,” Belynda explains.

“There are a lot of challenges faced when farming, like the recent dry weather, but we’re really excited for the year ahead.”

Since its inception, Belynda says they’ve received an abundance of positive feedback from the community, who have embraced their way of farming. 

“Kath and I are both really passion about sustainable food, not only as horticulturalists but as mothers,” Belynda says.

“It’s our future, but also our children’s future so it’s something we feel really strongly about. The Collective is all about good farming practices that feed the future.” 

With 2017 done and dusted, Hunter Farm Collective is now gearing up for 2018. Their honey harvest is just around the corner and they’re in the midst of organising pigs into their production.

On top of this, Belynda and Kath are hoping to establish community days where locals can help with harvest, tour the farm and get on board with Radius 20.

Those interested in upcoming events or Radius 20 are encouraged to visit Hunter Farm Collective’s Facebook page or head to their website.