Saint Catherine's receive a growing donation.

The Rotary Club of Singleton Sunrise donated and helped plant twenty three native trees at St. Catherine’s College early Thursday morning in contribution to giving back to the community as part of their national “Be The Inspiration” campaign with help from Singleton Council. 

Year one and year nine classes attended the planting ceremony held out the front of the schools administration office with special guests Rotary District Governor Brian Coffey And wife Carol and Singleton Diggers general manager Gerard McMillan. 

“The advantage of coming to school is that we can expose both students and teachers to what Rotary actually does in the community...The main goal of rotary is to introduce people to opportunities of friendship and service in the community” explains regional governor Brian Coffey.

Four of the St. Catherine's Students had previously attended a Rotary camp in Richmond earlier in the year, a program designed to give young people more self confidence and people and service skills.