At Monday night's Singleton Council meeting it was resolved that Council will join the Cities Power Partnership Program

At Monday night's Singleton Council meeting it was resolved that Council will join the Cities Power Partnership Program.

The resolution contained in a Mayoral Minute was not unanimously agreed upon by the Councillors with Sue Moore, Godfrey Adamthwaite, Tony McNamara, Val Scott, Danny Thompson, Hollee Jenkins, Sue George and Sarah Lukeman voting for and Crs John Martin and Tony Jarrett against the motion.

Mayor Sue Moore

Mayor Sue Moore

The Cities Power Partnership is described in Cr Moore's minute as being Australia's largest local government climate network, made up of 129 councils from across the country, representing almost 11 million Australians.

Participation in the Partnership is voluntary. Councils who join the Partnership make five action pledges in either renewable energy, efficient, transport or working in partnership to tackle climate change.

The Partnership is underpinned by connection and networking across councils, providing a nationwide support network for taking climate action

Once a council has joined the Partnership, five key actions from the partnership pledges must be selected within six months. Council's must nominate a point of contact who will liaise with the Climate Council and work to implement the identified actions. Pledges are submitted and profiled online.

Council would have access to assistance with applications for project funding, third party grants and renewable energy initiatives as they become available.

"Council is committed to putting sustainability, in all forms, at the forefront of everything that we do, meaning our focus is not only ensuring the quality of life and creating community for the people of Singleton now, but for the generations to come, " Cr Moore wrote.

Council will acknowledge in a letter to:

  1. Within six (6) months, identify five (5) items included in the Cities Power Partnership Pledge that Council will strive to achieve;
  2. Complete a 12 monthly online survey that provides the Climate Council with basic information on how Council is progressing on the pledge items selected;
  3. Nominate a point of contact within the Council that the Climate Council can liaise with on Cities Power Partnership matters; and
  4. Confirm that Council is willing to connect and collaborate with other local councils to share knowledge.

The resolution passed tis week also reconfirms Council's support for the Sustainability Strategy objective to work with the community to achieve reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.