Book released to promote elder abuse awareness

A new book just released to promote more awareness around the growing trend of elder financial abuse, reveals how senior elders need help dealing with abuse situations and better protections from financial exploitation.

This informative book The Ultimate Betrayal was written by Anne McGowan who has previously presented at Singleton Rotary as a guest speaker about the issues of elder financial abuse. 

Describing in detail how financial abuse can be complicated as most often family members are involved and why seniors need help dealing with situations.

To assist with prevention, the book points out how there’s a need for a multi-faceted approach for better protections. Further highlighting why we now face a huge problem with an unprecedented ageing population.

Seniors hold the majority of the wealth. The occurrence of financial abuse is growing at a rapid rate due to a sense of entitlement and greed.

“We have a responsibility to step up and help protect the senior elders in our communities,” CEO of Protecting Seniors Wealth, Anne McGowan said.

“Many people, including companies who work on the front lines and help seniors manage their finances are now faced with the dilemma of knowing how to recognise and protect their senior parents, loved ones or valued clients from financial abuse and deal with the apparent lack of respect by the perpetrators,” Anne said.

When wealth abuse occurs it not only leaves senior elders too upset to speak up, they lose their assets and their means to provide for their aged care.

In the process the inheritance they plan to leave is stolen as well.

Protecting Seniors Wealth offer a broad range of education tools, including guides, workshops, training and consulting, all designed to create more awareness and provide essential tools that can help with prevention and lead to better protections.

The book is now available from online bookstores.